The Dream Catchers Foundation  is a non-profit organization for children who dare to dream. The organization teaches and demonstrates the importance of being your best self. Dream Catchers are individuals who have courage, are empowered, and overcome their circumstances to achieve greater. Our mission is to teach and demonstrate to children that dreamers can catch their dreams. 

Education - STEAM

​Dream Catchers focal point will be providing opportunities for our children that focuses on problem solving and being innovative in their approach to problem solving. In preparation for their future we have identified growing industries that represents STEAM  in corporation with the South Carolina Educational System. The importance of applying and integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics concepts in all aspects will effectively prepare of children for the work force.

  • Science – Forensic and Botanical

  • Technology - Coding and Cyber Security

  • Engineering – Music and Electrical

  • Arts – Dance and Design

  • Math – Financial Literacy and Business

Character Building

The Real Make Over

The Real Make Over is a character development curricula that focus on building quality personality skills from the inside out.  The core of this curricula is to teach and help youth understand the importance of having and building good character.  We focus on 5 essential character values:


·         Self-Discipline

·         Forgiveness

·         Resilience

·         Trustworthiness

·         Generosity

We believe that it is vital to start at the heart and character of a person before we focus on the outer person.  “Potential without character is a train wreck ready to happen” (John P. Lakin).  Character is so important because it is the inner you, that will drive the outer you!  If the inner you is damage, then we have to fix whatever it is in order for you to be the best outer you.  A car might look great on the outside, but if the engine is damaged then the car can not serve its full purpose….it only LOOKS good.  The greatness and genius of technology takes place on the inside, the screen and the outer look is eye-catching but the real work takes place at the core of it.  After building character then we can really focus on career and life goals.  We work to assist and support youth in their life plan so they can be well equipped to transition successfully into their future endeavors. 

Job Training
Job Training

Trade certification implementation will be the core focus for our students who are graduating from high school and have decided not to attend or are not able to attend a traditional college or university. We will teach job skills and seek trade certifications for these students. We will assist the student with implementing the certification of the selected trade to find a job.  

Young Bosses Academy

Young bosses academy is a rigorous five week entrepreneurial curriculum design for schools and organizations and online learners that teaches foundational concepts in business and entrepreneurship. Participants utilize an interactive workbook created by founder, Raquel M.R. Thomas, “Shifting Into Purpose, The Journey to Entrepreneurship," through the for-profit corporation, Dream Catchers Corporation.

Young Bosses Academy Summer Camp

Young bosses summer camp is a five day camp that introduces students to business and entrepreneurship fundamentals. The curriculum is based on the workbook, “Shifting Into Purpose, The
Journey to Entrepreneurship.”

Think Fast

Annual youth & parent community event. Workshops covering our core programs and sporting event.

Teen Summit With A Cause

Teen Summit with a CAUSE was birthed and created to give our teens an open forum and the space to
talk about current issues in our communities.

Our goal is to talk through concerns and possible future issues that may occur along their journey. It
is our duty to pour back into our communities by providing our youth the platform they need to openly communicate their feelings.

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