Dream Catchers Foundation mission is to teach entrepreneurship to children in underserved communities and Title One Schools in the Midlands. The mission is to teach:

·         Entrepreneurship

·         Financial Literacy

·         Budgeting

·         Critical Thinking Skills

·         Problem Solving Skills

·         Teamwork

·         Customer Service

The foundation’s mission is to teach and demonstrate the importance of being your best self. We believe at Dream Catchers Foundation that “Dreamers Can Catch Their Dreams”

Character Building

The Real Make Over

The Real Make Over is a character development curricula that focus on building quality personality skills from the inside out.  The core of this curricula is to teach and help youth understand the importance of having and building good character.  We focus on 5 essential character values:


·         Self-Discipline

·         Forgiveness

·         Resilience

·         Trustworthiness

·         Generosity

We believe that it is vital to start at the heart and character of a person before we focus on the outer person.  “Potential without character is a train wreck ready to happen” (John P. Lakin).  Character is so important because it is the inner you, that will drive the outer you!  If the inner you is damage, then we have to fix whatever it is in order for you to be the best outer you.  A car might look great on the outside, but if the engine is damaged then the car can not serve its full purpose….it only LOOKS good.  The greatness and genius of technology takes place on the inside, the screen and the outer look is eye-catching but the real work takes place at the core of it.  After building character then we can really focus on career and life goals.  We work to assist and support youth in their life plan so they can be well equipped to transition successfully into their future endeavors. 

Young Bosses Academy

Young bosses academy is a rigorous five week entrepreneurial curriculum design for schools and organizations and online learners that teaches foundational concepts in business and entrepreneurship. Participants utilize an interactive workbook created by founder, Raquel M.R. Thomas, “Shifting Into Purpose, The Journey to Entrepreneurship," through the for-profit corporation, Dream Catchers Corporation for Middle & High school students. And Wizzieville Adventures Entrepreneur Book Series for Elementary students.

Young Bosses Summer Field Trip

10 deserving students will get the chance to spend 3 nights in Atlanta, GA exploring and experiencing entrepreneur activities. Students will meet local government officials, former SC residents who are thriving entrepreneurs in Atlanta, visit historical sites and college tours. The trip is scheduled for July 27-30, 2020.

Business BootCamp Conference - Young Entrepreneur Mastermind

Business BootCamp Conference is a hands on entrepreneur conference for young entrepreneurs. Students participate in an all day conference learning about the foundations of business. Students will also participate in the Entrepreneurial Fair displaying their current or business idea.